Collection: Brand Photography

People buy into other people. The importance of inspiring trust and building rapport with your target audience can easily be overlooked at first. Through representing yourself honestly, professionally, and in a way that’s true to your style and market, you can really allow your brand’s personality, quirks and individuality to shine through. That’s where I come in.

In order for us to obtain the best results and representation of your brand and its products, we can work together to discuss the following:

What style of shoot would you like? For example, will it be for an advert, website, or social media?
Will you require specific size shots? For example, full-length headshots or squares to suit platforms such as Instagram.
Is it important that your brand's colours are incorporated into the shots?
What balance of product and portrait shots would you prefer?
Will any shots of the production process be required?

Once we’re finished, you will receive a selection of high quality and varied images that perfectly represent your brand in the way you want it to be portrayed. Each image can be used on your website and social media as required, and we can work together in boosting your brand’s online presence with professional and excellent imagery that suits you and your needs.

I have worked with lots of amazing independent shops, pubs, cafes, florists, carpenters, market stall holders and so pleased I can tell their story, through imagery.